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The internet is rapidly changing our way of doing things in virtually every aspect of our business and social lives. I’ve been interested in this for the past fifteen years since I formed the Interactive Law Center in 1995 and opened my first web page in 1999. During the past two years I’ve become a participant in the social media. This Ning Network is a way to tie sprawling aspects of a web presence together.


Like many businesses, we scan everything in our files so the customary paper file, while still often the best resource, is not indispensable, and when the case is closed the paper file can go to the client or the dumpster, not to storage (except for required paper originals under electronic filing rules, etc).  Rather than come in personally, send things to us in the mail, we prefer to exchange documents as electronic files.  Even faxing is becoming obsolete, but incoming faxes are captured as electronic files, eliminating the step of scanning them.  They do have the advantage of being easier for the sender. 


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